“Understanding Cultural Diversity”

Essential Questions:

* What is culture?

* What is the differences between Collectivistic and Individualistic cultures?

* What is the importance of understanding cultural diversity?

* What qualities make cultures unique?

* How does culture shape the way we see the world, others, and ourselves?

* How does culture influence family life?

* What causes cultures to change over time?

* What are cultural symbols?

* Why is it important to understand culture?

* How do geography influence the types of foods people in different cultures eat?

* How do your beliefs, values, and cultural background influence the way you behave?

* How are cultures taught in society?

* How can you avoid cultural stereotyping?

* How can you learn to see things from another culture’s point of view? Why is it important?


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Building Bridges: A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding